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You have experienced events in the past that prevent you from moving forward towards the life you prefer for yourself. Difficult events, traumatic events, unidentifiable events.

You have tried to understand them, to resolve them. You may have already done some psychotherapy with limited or inconclusive results.

You sense that one of the keys to moving forward is through therapeutic work which includes the body in a dynamic and relational way.

Bottom Up Approach

Many therapeutic approaches use cognitive tools. These approaches work with language in order to go down into the body to heal it. These are so-called “top-down” approaches.

Talking is fundamental in establishing a therapeutic alliance, but it is not sufficient to work with the traumatic experience imprinted in the body during a traumatic event or period.

The therapeutic principle used here integrates the “bottom-up” approach which puts the body and the bodily experience at the center of the therapeutic relationship in order to facilitate more embodied talking.

It is about setting into motion a dynamic between the mind, the body and the brain in order to weave words, emotions and sensations differently.

Several methods and techniques are used depending on your sensitivity and objectives in order to combine the sensory and emotional experience within a reassuring psychotherapeutic relationship.

Malachy Coleman

Malachy has been working as an ARS* recognized psychotherapist with mind-body approaches for over 20 years. He has a degree in Communication (Ireland) and was trained in biodynamic psychology and biosynthesis in France. He has integrated various other elements into his practice including:

  • Strategic therapy
  • Brief therapy
  • Erksonian hypnosis
  • Narrative Practices
  • TRE method
  • Brainspotting

to help people overcome the difficulties they encounter.

In addition, he has been running a training business since 2017 and was a trainer and supervisor in TRE from 2015 to 2022. He trains health care professionals in the treatment of psychotrauma, particularly in the use of physical exercises to release chronic tension.

His practice is experiential and relational where the body plays a key role in the change process.


– Individual Psychotherapy

He offers individual psychotherapy sessions.  To set up an appointment see the Contact page.

– Group Seminars

He also runs therapeutic group seminars to anyone who wishes to acquire a personal practice using tension release exercises.  For more information consult the Therapeutic Seminar page.


Malachy Coleman works as a psychotherapist according to the terms of the French law n° 2004-806 of the 9th August 2004 and the decree n° 2010-534 of the 20th May 2010 in relation to the use of the title of psychotherapist, in particular articles 7, 16 et 17, modified by the the decree n°2012-695 of the 7th May 2012.

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