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I work as a bi-lingual psychotherapist* based in Nantes, France helping singles and couples move out of relationship pain.

I am passionate and committed to helping people create healthy, life-affirming relationships and have been practicing as a bilingual psychotherapist for over 14 years.

During these 14 years of successful relationship counseling, I have facilitated the transformation of relationship pain.  Many people who have come to work with me have broken out of the grip of their destructive patterns and gone on to form healthy, life-enhancing relationships.

Becoming a psychotherapist

My interest in psychotherapy grew out of my initial training in communications where I majored in psychology and linguistics. After 10 years working in the communications industry, I became interested in the complex relationship between the mind and body.  Inspired by my life long interest in helping others, I discovered the healing power of massage and the world of body-centred psychotherapy.

I received a certificate as a body-centred psychotherapist in Biodynamic Psychology from the E.P.B.E in Montpellier, France (4 years study including 50 hours of clinical supervision). After graduation from Montpellier, I began a private psychotherapy practice.  I continued my professional development with a certificate as a body-centred psychotherapist in Biosythesis  from the Center for Biosynthesis International, Heiden, Switzerland (3 years study including 30 hours of clinical supervison).

In my clinical work where I used a wide range of body-centred techniques (massage, breathing, movement, etc), I became interested in the link between language and body response. I sought other ways of working with this dynamic and received a master certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Paris and a certificate in Eriksonian Hypnosis in Avignon to achieve this.

My clinical work with people seeking my support inspired me to seek more effective methods for treating post-traumatic stress and I am now a certified practioner in HTSMA.  HTSMA is a highly advanced psychotherapy model for treating PSTD, phobias and other kinds of deeply embedded issues with the emphasis placed on the quality of the relationship.

I am also a Certified TRE® Provider and a TRE® Certification Trainer.  TRE or Trauma Release Exercises is a set of simple but powerful body exercises developed by David Berceli to release stress or trauma embedded in the body which traditional talking therapy is unable to treat.

I also run a personal development workshop teaching the enneagramme – a powerful personality system. This workshop is open to the general public and people are not required to have any previous knowledge or be in therapy to take part.

I am passionate about my own personal and professional development, which includes regular clinical supervision to enhance the quality of my work. What this means is that you are getting the best possible relationship help from our work together.


TRE® Certification Trainer (Bremen)

Certified TRE® Provider (Bremen)

Certified Practitioner in H.T.S.M.A. (Nantes)

Certificate in Eriksonian Hypnosis (Avignon)

Master in N.L.P. (Paris)

Certificate in Biosynthesis (Heiden)

Certificate in Biodynamic Psychology (Montpellier)

Degree in Communication Studies (Dublin)

Professional membership

French State registered psychotherapist

French HTSMA Association

AREPTA (Association Regionale pour une Therapie Active)


Psychopathology –  AFTCC

Developmental  and Psychic Processes – AFTCC

Level II/A&B Trauma Releasing Exercises

Advanced Narrative Practices

Advanced HTSMA Summer Workshop

The Palo Alto/Circe model for working with couples

Strategic Drawings Techniques in Solution-focussed Therapy

Brief, Family and Strategic Therapy Techniques

Hypnosis, Strategic Therapy and Alternative Movements (HTSMA)

Certificate in Eriksonian Hypnosis

Restructuring the experience of Life Workshop

Narrative Therapy and Metaphors Workshop

Family Tree Workshop

Master in NLP

Advanced Body-centred Psychotherapist training in Biosynthesis

Certificate as a Body-centred Psychotherapist in Biodynamic Psychology

Degree in Communication Studies

Are you ready to move out of relationship pain?

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* Malachy Coleman works as a psychotherapist according to the terms of the French law n° 2004-806 of the 9th August 2004 and the decree n° 2010-534 of the 20th May 2010 in relation to the use of the title of psychotherapist, in particular articles 7, 16 et 17, modified by the the decree n°2012-695 of the 7th May 2012.