One last thing …

I hope browsing this site has helped you increase your understanding of the possibilities psychotherapy can offer when you are faced with challenging issues.  And if you have any observations or suggestions about what you have discovered here, I would welcome your comments.

Booking an appointment

If you feel ready, you can book an appointment with me in Nantes by calling +33.(0) or sending your request by email.

Free 10 minute consultation

If you are not ready to commit, you can still contact me on +33.(0) or by email to set up a FREE confidential 10 minute consultation to discuss your needs and how I might be able to assist you with relationship psychotherapy.

Office Location

My office is located on the north side of Nantes:

27/29 route de Vannes, 44100 Nantes

Interphone “Coleman/#103” – First floor (lift or stairway)

Public Transport

Tramway Line #3: Station “St.Thérèse” –  2 minute walk.