Singles, Couples and Parents:

Do you ask yourself:

“Why do relationships cause me so much pain?”

“Will I ever be happy in this relationship?”

If so, then you are far from being alone!

Many people struggle with these questions for years without ever finding an answer that leads them to a happy and fulfilling relationship or marriage.

Whether you are single, already in a relationship or parenting a child, you might be exhausted and fed up with the constant struggle of relationship pain. Do you see yourself repeating the same relationship mistakes over and over again, despite yourself, experiencing more and more hurt every time?

You long for a healthy relationship that doesn’t cause you constant pain.

Maybe you experience:

  • constant arguments with your partner about things that never get resolved
  • blaming, criticising or attacking your partner
  • wanting closeness but pushing your partner away
  • a dissatisfying sex life where your needs are not met
  • feeling insecure, dependent or jealous towards your partner
  • cheating or running away from the relationship
  • feeling alone because you are afraid of being hurt by love
  • being lost in the relationship and not knowing who you are anymore

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, then keep reading ….

Break free of these negative relational patterns and create the loving relationship you have always longed for.

Through relationship therapy, you can achieve

  • Closeness and intimacy that comes from a safe and trusting relationship
  • Honest and respectful communication where you are truly heard
  • Conflict that is resolved and brings you closer together
  • Renewed sexual vitality with your partner
  • Greater love of yourself and your partner
  • Sharing that is respectful to both to yourself and your partner
  • More meaning, purpose and vision for your life and your relationship

It is possible to stop going through the pain on your own.

Imagine you find someone who really listens, who doesn’t judge you for what you did or didn’t do in the past.  Someone who accepts you just as you are, right now, in the situation you are in today.

Then imagine that person helps you express more fully the experiences which seem frightening or painful.  And then helps you connect more fully to experiences of hope and promise.

Imagine what happens when you find such a person.  And this person is there for just for you for the time you need them.

Do you think this helps?  Do you think this makes a difference?

If so, read on.

You see, I have provided relationship therapy for many years to people who have struggled with relationship pain.  To people like yourself.  People who want to know “how can I stay true to myself while remaining in the relationship with my partner or my child”.

Through relationship therapy, I will assist you in forming relationships which are loving and supportive for you.  You will grow your relationships in a healthy and meaningful way.  You will learn to voice your needs and be respected.  You will feel secure enough in your relationships to become more fully the person you really are while respecting the people who form part of your life.

What are some of the strengths I bring to relationship therapy?

  • 14 years experience as a psychotherapist (1) working with people who have struggle with relationship pain.
  • A here and now focus while developing solutions for your future.
  • Physical well-being – I work as much with sensations as I do with thoughts and feelings to lower stress levels.
  • Speaks 2 languages fluently – English and French.
  • Expatriate.  Originally from Ireland, I have lived in France for over 22 years and understand the challenges of this journey.
  • Intimate knowledge of multi-cultural professional and couple relationships

I adapt my approach to suit your situation and needs as we work to assist you achieve your relationship goals.  I ask for your feedback on a regular basis to make sure we are moving towards what you really want for yourself.  This means you should be able to experience improvement sooner rather an later while helping me adjust my approach accordingly.

If you feel ready to move away from relationship pain

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(1) Malachy Coleman works as a psychotherapist according to the terms of the French law n° 2004-806 of the 9th August 2004 and the decree n° 2010-534 of the 20th May 2010 in relation to the use of the title of psychotherapist, in particular articles 7, 16 et 17, modified by the the decree n°2012-695 of the 7th May 2012.